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I maybe 60 but I got this

Dogs my heart and soul

I have two pups a 3 year old Chihuahua named Brie who is a seasoned kayaker and camper.  Also, have a 16 month old hound like female creature named Scout, which is supposedly part greyhound and ?.  I have been training her as a trail dog and she seems to love every minute of it.  My dogs are a big part of my life and will be a big part of this blog.

How I got here

My Dad taught me about being outside, I always referred to him as a modern day Daniel Boone.  I lived in an urban environment but seems like I grew up outside.   Survived being a teenager, survived divorce after 23 years of marriage, survived raising a son mostly alone.  
I then went ok its my turn so I thought about what I could afford I could afford to camp, kayak and hike.  So, I bought an inexpensive kayak on black Friday about 10 years ago.  Joined a group and hit the water well that became addicting and I decided I wanted more so more kayak purchases and then I decided backpacking was what I wanted to do.
I started my own meetup group in 2009 and began buying gear and don't get me started on hiking gear yet.  I found that being 60, not in shape and not able to stop the aging process I got out and started hiking and backpacking.  It has been a wild ride for sure and I know that this is something that most everyone can do.  I wanted to write about what I am doing so this is becoming a realilty.
I live in Florida so most of my adventures are Florida born and what an outdoor environment we have.  Backcountry Florida is beautiful and aching to be viewed.  This state is an outdoor paradise and I am going to share what I have seen and what I will see.
  1. Green Swamp
    Green Swamp
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  2. Florida Trail
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